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What should you keep in mind while buying the perfect necklace

Necklaces, we have all worn them at least once in our life. In olden days women used to wear necklaces only during some occasion but now things have changed. Especially among young women statement necklaces have become a huge fad these days. They not only liven up any outfit but also reflect your personal style and taste. Wearing a pretty necklace will also help you get many compliments from your peers. Necklaces come in different lengths and styles. For looking great in necklace; whether it’s a chain, pendant or string of pearls, you have to consider the shape of your face, body type and neck to get the perfect fit. Also choose a necklace that flatters you and goes well with your overall wardrobe.

Things to consider before choosing a necklace

If you have a ‘swan neck’ which means a long, thin neck then choker would definitely look beautiful on you. You should avoid wearing a chocker if your neck is short as it will end up making your neck look stubby. So instead of going for a chocker, you should try necklaces that are 20-24 inches long; it will elongate your neck and make it look more swan-like.

Remember to keep in mind the upper part of your body while buying a necklace. Usually a necklace which is shorter than 22 inches sits on or above the bust. So if you are more on the curvier side and you don’t want to draw attention to your bust then go for longer necklaces. Although when you go longer make sure it suits your torso, especially if you are a short and curvy woman.

Always consider your height to choose the perfect necklace. Luckily women who are tall or of average height can rock almost any length necklace. However, if you are a very tall woman then a short chain might get lost on you. Short women should stick to necklaces that sit on your collarbone or a little below.

Wear necklaces that compliment the shape of your face. Luckily on oval faces any length necklaces look good. If you have a round face pick a longer necklace with a pendant as it will give a slimming long effect to your face. Avoid using a chocker as it will make your face look rounder. A chocker will look good on heart-shaped, long and rectangular-shaped faces.

Make sure the necklace you choose works well with your everyday wardrobe. Don’t wear a chocker with a turtleneck but long chains with beads will look great with turtlenecks. The right necklace will enhance your overall look.

Where to buy necklaces online

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