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The cell phone covers and cases provide the much needed and necessary protection to the smart phones which not only helps in preserving the phone’s look or its appearance but also minimize the wear and tear. There are a variety of materials which are used to make the mobile cases, pouches and covers and each one has its own merits and demerits. There are different type and style of cover for moto g2 such as the flip covers, the screen covers, the back covers, etc. that they people can choose from..

The most popular materials which are used for making the flip cover for moto g2 are the metal materials, wood materials, plastic materials, leather materials and the fiber materials. For most of the users, the choice of material is largely and mainly influenced by some important factors such as its appearance, the environment condition, ease of use, the budget of the customers, protection from impact and scratches and the type of protection they are searching for their lovely smart phone Motorola Moto G..


Let us look at some type of mobile cases and covers for the Motorola Moto G. Most of the people generally go for the flip cover Moto G 2, as it totally protects the screen of the phone and also provides a good support to protect the back portion and the edges parts..



The plastics cases and covers are one of the most popular and commonly used. Such cases and covers are very economical or inexpensive but are a good durable material for the smart phones. A plastic smart phone cases and covers adds a good style and personality to the phone and it protects it from scratches, cracks, bumps, breakages and chips from minor falls or accidentals falls. There are various types of plastic materials for mobile phone cases which are available i9n the market, with the most popular being the polycarbonate and the polyurethane .


The metal mobile cases and covers have been mainly used for the high end smart phones such as Motorola G series, Motorola k Series, etc. It has a good reputation in the eyes of the consumers. Though it is a little expensive in comparison to the other types of covers and cases such as the rubber covers, the silicone covers and the plastic covers it provides a great protection at the back side of the smart phone. The metallic back cover Moto G 2 saves the phone from the accidental fallouts and gives a great grip in the hands of its users. It is important to mention that the metallic covers offers the best protection to the Moto G 2 smart phones and protects the smart device from intense damages and minor scratches.


The silicone covers and mobile cases which are usually made from the soft gel like material helps in providing the complete and perfect protection to the smart phones. It perfectly fits over the smart phone and stays in the same place all the time. .


The polyurethane is an inexpensive cell phone case and cover material which is often available in hard or the soft form. Due to the ease of molding, the smart phone cases that are made from the polyurethane material which is a type or form of plastic can have many customized patterns and designs.

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