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Moto X Mobile Covers

Motorola has these wide variety of Mobile Covers that can make any sane person go berserk! Honestly, not only do they have hard Covers but they have covers that are soft, with different pattern and different looks.

Hard cover

These are sturdy for sure but yet they provide your Moto X smartphone with flexibility and ease! It is simple to install and has empty loops at all the required places for the control buttons to be accessed easily. The look is that of vibrance and the tiny logo of Moto adds value to the smart hard covers! The Motorola Moto X Hard Cover is made of durable material that protects the Moto X smartphone of yours from dirt, dust and fall. It is undoubtedly compatible and is smooth with a rubber coating on its surface. It comes in vibrant shades of orange, brown, purple, red, hot pink, etc.

Soft Cover

The Motorola Moto X soft cover is not only worthy of preventing your smartphone from dust, scratch and shock but it also provides a complete system for its safety. The Plain Back Cover for Motorola Moto X is made of top quality and authentic material to acquire the exact fit for the Moto X phone. It has all the specific cut-outs for the accessibility of the control buttons. Feather-light and glossy, it is perfect to accompany you in any short-long haul journey! It comes in transparent shades of pink, purple, white, black, etc.

Smiley Back Cover for Moto X, although soft, provides robust protection for the Moto X smartphone. It is very simple to put on and remove and definitely protects the phone from scratches and bumps. One can use this in any outdoor activity and still find the Moto X smartphone safe! It comes in many dual shades like blue with sky blue, sky blue with yellow, black with sky blue, etc.

The Motorola Moto X TPU back cover is so soft that it can bend anyways that you desire. For this flexibility, it is light and easier to carry, protects the smartphone from drops, scratches and shocks and is easily accessible.


Cool Zipper are the latest and newest Mobile Covers that can be added to the stylish Moto X smartphone. It is petit and fuss-free to carry, crystal clear sound and a perfect go for the music lovers. It has an Advanced Driver and Circuitry Design, Superb Bass, Clear Mids and Highs that creates high precision audio balance! It is very compatible, light and gives great sound! It comes in shades of red-black, black,etc.

The Soul Ultra Dynamic In Ear Headphones are made for a music enthusiasts entertainment! It is compatible with all 3.5mm headset jack gadgets, has gold plated connector for free-flow signal transfer and the cable length is 1200mm!

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