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Get the Fashionable Moto G Mobile Covers Online, Moto G Cover Online India

Hard covers are for people whose usage is not only rough but they also have lots of traveling. Motorola Moto G Back cover superbly protects the smartphone from any dust, scratches or finger prints. Apart from enhancing the mobile phone, it adds vigour and power to your hands. The light-weight and the matte finish provides a non-glossy but a smart look. These are very much accessible and durable. Red, dark grey, purple, light grey, sky blue, electric blue, light purple, etc.

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The Fashion Boy Hard Moto g Back Cover is not only trendy and smart but is extremely durable and sturdy to protect the Moto G phone.

Soft Covers

The soft Moto G covers are made of silicon and are pretty smooth, jelly like and almost as agile as a feather! The Motorola Moto G Silicon Soft Back Cover adds a smooth suave surface to the back of the smartphone. It protects from dust, dirt, bumps and finger prints. It is extremely compact and easily accessible. Apart from the preventive part, it comes in some ravishing shades that voice out the choice of your heart. With its unique style and colours of hot pink, greyish black, light pink, sky blue, etc, it is definitely going to steal away your pounding heart!

Smiley Back Cover, although soft, provides robust protection for the Moto G smartphone. This is very simple to put on and remove and definitely protects the phone from scratches and bumps. One can use this in any outdoor activity and still find the Moto G smartphone safe! It comes in many dual shades like blue with sky blue, sky blue with yellow, black with sky blue, etc.

Screen Guard and Bumper

The Moto G Screen Guard is bubble-free, dust-resistant and custom made for the phone. It doesn’t allow oil or finger-prints to hamper that glassy screen of the smartphone. It is anti-glare and provides the smartphone that extra top layer protection. The Motorola Moto G Walnutt bumper case is easy to fit and has a sturdy built to protect the panels of the smartphone.

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