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A Selfie Stick can make your selfie experiences better than ever

Taking your own photograph or a photograph with a group of friends can make your day. However, taking a good photograph of your own along with many others is not that easy as it sounds. Therefore, in recent years Selfie Stick have come in the market to let the users take their own photographs.

How does a these work

There are several sticks available in the market and all of them have different features. However, there are some basic features. There are some sticks, which are wireless and work through Bluetooth connectivity. Other than those, rest other sticks have USB data cables to set connection with the mobile handset device or the tablet.There are several buttons on a selfie-stick panel through which the users can match Bluetooth and then take pictures. It usually allows 20 seconds to let the users set themselves up with others for pose. The Bluetooth control monopods are one of the modern attributes through which the user can set the time for clicking the photo on phone.

Modern monopods have another special provision through which the user can even take a picture without placing the phone on this device. The Bluetooth device can access the phone even if it is not placed on the stick. Then, by pressing the remote-control switch on the monopod, the users can take a picture which will be viewed directly on the screen of the cell-phone.Of course there are other sorts of monopod sticks online which do not require connecting Bluetooth to take the pictures. The 3.5mm audio cable needs to be connected through the USB port to take a picture. These can be moved 180 degree and can also be put inside the pocket after folding completely. However, for some of the android versions the users may need an application to access such a stick.

Are these accessories compatible to all kinds of cellular devices

These, in order to say specifically, modern sticks can be attached to any IOS and android devices. These can effectively help the users to take a self-picture or with a group at any place and any time. Many of these have rechargeable batteries. So, whenever the users are ready to take a picture, they should make sure that the batteries are properly charged.

Where are these available in online

There are several different selling portals from where the users can find these online. However, if anybody is searching for this with discounted price, then logging in to can help.

Get The Exciting Selfie Stick Upto 70% Off

The word Selfie happens to be the most celebrated words of all times in the world of telecommunication. It is a superb hashtag and also a highly used word in social media. So, when you hear Selfie, you should be nothing but excited!

Take Now Selfie Very Easily Using Monopod Stick

These are a cool technological invention that lets you take your favourite selfie with most of your favorite people. It comes with a mobile holder and an elongated handle for angling your smartphone device. These are operated by special buttons at the end of the handle. But for that best selfie of yours, we have Bluetooth operated one's with us. You don’t have to struggle while clicking picture anymore. The cute Bluetooth device will help you operate your phone for making your selfie the coolest experience.

And moreover, the biggest advantage of these are that they help you take your pictures all by yourself when you are in some scenic location, busy station, etc. It will not be wrong to say that this Wireless Monopod stick makes you independent!

We, have the widest collection of Sticks when it comes to colour. Black is the basic, yellow, green, pink, blue, red and many more attractive shades to make your selfie buy the perfect one.

How to connect these to mobile

Tired of taking bad selfies Photography is an art. This you need to master with time and energy. However, who has time to master the art of selfie. The time you spend with friends and family will not return. This is the reason, every shot needs to be perfect. Cutting people of the picture frame is not only embarrassing, it is disappointing too.

So, what can you do to take a better selfie shot How can you make your seflies perfect. To make your self-portrait experience better, different companies have launched these. The devices offer unique features which will help you take selfie without having to bend your arms.

Traditional selfie shots will make you hold your phone at the arms’ length. This method comes with several drawbacks. The major drawback is the camera angle which makes it hard to get a large group in one frame. Another selfie problem is the photographers’ arm. It gets in the way.

The monopod selfie stick is created to nullify these problems. The making of the monopods depends on the manufacturers. These sticks come with micor USB cables. This cable can be used to charge the device. Now, just switch the power button on. You can insert the mobile in the stick. Once the mobile is attached with the stick, go to your phone’s Bluetooth menu and tap on the selfie stick option. This will pair the devices for further use.

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