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Zoom Your Camera with this Mobile Camera Lens -

Buy your Mobile Camera lens at Low price online

We all have an attribute known as self-obsession. In some of us it is hyper-active and in others it is balanced. But the truth is that it is sublimely or overtly there. For people who love to adore themselves and for people who love to spent time in seclusion- Mobile Camera Lens or Selfie Cameras are the best possible option.

Since we already told you that is a pro-active mobile accessories e-tailer, this is one of such exclusive and lively offering. For our onlookers, it will be no less than an exciting news that these Selfie Camera lenses are available for just Rs 499. With different colours, your day will certainly be made.

Let’s see through the lenses!

The Universal Selfie lens camera for mobile has a superb wide angle for your perfect selfie picture. You can angle the smartphone wherever you want. This Mobile Lens will be one of your best buys ever. It is such an in thing! You must be worried how to fix it to your smartphone. Mobile Camera lens comes with clips where you can just clamp it to the front camera and it will act as be zooming booster. There will not be any image distortion or blurriness. All you have to do is chill on your vacation and take that perfect Selfie.

The Universal Mobile Lens camera with 8X zoom is an accessory to watch out for. You will not have any problem in attaching it to your mobile phone or tablet. All you have to do is adjust it and go for the super zoom. This 8X zoom camera lens is available at Rs 999. Extremely reasonably priced, this super zoom lens will save your mobile pictures from getting fragmented. All in all, it will produce an extravagant image for you.

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