Microsoft Chargers

Microsoft has always been innovative in its products and that stands true for the Microsoft Chargers as well. The company has revealed its expertise in chargers as well. They have wall-mounted chargers that can be taken to the places. The detachable USB cable is provided in all chargers, and you can conveniently use these cable for charging your device from other charging source. Apart from regular chargers, there are sleek and compact power banks waiting to be explored too.

The power banks are available in various colors that make them stand apart from the rest. The vibrant colored charger would serve as the perfect piece to flaunt along with your stylish phone. You would get all these chargers online on the company website, retail stores, and also on the online portals like

Salient Features of Microsoft Chargers

Rapid charging.

1 meter cable length.

Detachable USB cable.

Power banks have user guide to help you kick start your charging experience in positive way.

Battery level indicator is also present in the power bank.

Charging indicator.

All these features and fast charging experience are offered by Microsoft charger manufactured by this renowned technology giant.

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