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Micromax Canvas XL2 A109 Mobile Covers from

The LCD capacitive touchscreen Micromax smartphone efficacy can be boosted with the use of its associated accessories manufactured and supplied by Micromax .The oleophobic coating of the screen protects it from impressions of finger and dust thus protecting the screen from even minute damage due to scratches.

The flip cover case gives utmost protection to the phone thereby enabling complete protection to the smartphone. The flip cover case manufactured and supplied by Micromax fits well over the phone making the smartphone stylish in appearance compared to the other phones of the same cost. The case also incorporates sufficient opening at slot positions to insert the charger, headphones and connect it to a computer.The opening at the rear camera helps to take clear images. The high durability of the flip cover cases extends the life of the phone to a certain extent and protects it from scratches and damage due to rough handling.

The power charger output is high which enables faster charging of the phone. The power bank has high battery capacity which makes it portable and enables traveling enjoyable and tension free.

The multi-charger helps to connect both phone and camera to the same plugin. Thus in addition to faster charging, it enables to connect multiple gadgets to the same charger making situations flexible.

The headphones associated with this phone are of super quality thereby providing high-quality sound with bass driven features. The sleek control feature provided in headphones enable switching over between media options and phone by one touch through sleek control. These super quality headphones boost the efficacy of the phone thereby making it competent with the leading brands in the international market

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