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Smartphone Cover Guideline to Choose a Smart Cover

The mobile phone technology has been dramatically changed over the last decade. They become smarter in technology as well in designs. The old bulky handsets have turned into sleek ones. Therefore, the need of mobile covers increases. Now, the smart phones need smarter cover to protect its beautiful look. It is true, that the Smartphones are thinner, smaller, therefore more FRAGILE. Though none of the Smartphone manufacturers tells you, it is true.

Still, I can remember how I had to suffer from my first Smartphone that drained a huge amount of money. It accidentally fell from my hand and shattered the LCD and my heart too. My fault was to left the cell phone 'naked'. NOW, I am going to talk about the quality of a smartphone covers. Few kinds are there in the market.

Phone Bumper:

It is perfect for those users who prefer vanishing covers in their phones. Silicon, some metal, and hybrid material are commonly used as the cover material. The polarised designed covers are light weight and easy to carry. The frames protect the edges of the mobile phone and fit perfectly in the phones. These covers come at an affordable price.

Flip Caser Cover:

The classic users like to choose the flip covers as their mobile covers. Leather or artificial leather, foam or hybrid material are used in this mobile cover. Many personalised designs are available in flip caser covers. Though slightly expensive but long lasting. The wallet-like design makes it handy and sober. Credit cards, money, id cards, etc. Can hold in this cover type. It gives you a classy look.

Body Armor Case:

People who want the toughest Micromax Canvas Evok Power Mobile covers chooses the body armor phone cover. It is effective for those who want their phone outdoor activities or working in extreme weather condition. This is a rock like cover that hard to break.

Aluminium back and front panel, sandwich design, rubber bumper wrapped around the edges. Screens are protected by tempered glass protection. The Aluminium back covers make the phone break-free. Anti-shock function works in this cover. The design and the material make the cover unbreakable and sock-free. This covers work as a good water resistance. This is a dustproof and heatproof cover type that works in 00 F. Most users Prefer this for outdoor activities

Back Cover:

Those who want their phones cover with a right protector in affordable price, use back covers. Most back covers are made of Plastic, Rubber, Metal (aluminium), Hybrid material. This is why these are easy to handle; Strong and durable. These covers come in different designs and ranges. One can have these covers printed or scripted. Both in toughen hard cover and soft and stretchable cover are available in the market. It comes at affordable price.

Water Proof Cover:

It has proper insulator to support the delicate parts of the mobile phone. This is swimmers first choice. Those who love taking photos underwater cover their phone with this case.

They are made of hard plastic covered with a rubber bumper around the edges. These covers are waterproof, snow proof and shockproof and support 2-meter water diving. Hope, this mobile phone guard guideline will help you choose a great cover for your Smartphone.

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