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Protective Mobile Covers for Micromax A116 on

Like any other smartphone, this one requires some protection to shield it from the falls and other damage that can occur. This web shop offered them in a variety of colors and material. All of the cases we found were designed specifically for Micromax A116 and aided in its functionality. The one we especially liked was a full body cover with 2 card pockets on the back side. This Micromax A116 Covers can double as a wallet as well and offers protection from scratches, dust, and other damage. It has integrated rear camera hole, easy access to all control buttons and it's lightweight and stylish. The variety of materials is also something we liked and pretty much all of the colors were available. Really good quality and design stand out apart from the price. Competitive pricing is a huge factor that contributes to this amazing offer.

Headphones for Micromax A116 on

You can use any pair of universal headphones with this particular model, but we really liked the choice that offers. They offer 3 models of headphones, each with unique features that best suit your needs and are compatible with this device. Again, the prices are really competitive on the market and we particularly liked the ones with a metal zipper. These headphones feature standard 3.5 mm jack with a microphone included for a completely hands-free experience. They come in a variety of colors and can be used as a fashion accessory as well. The quality and the design are more than satisfying for that price range.

Why should you buy Micromax A116 accessories at

Micromax A116 is quite a sought after model and there are plenty of accessories available for it. But not many of the places offer quite a variety of quality accessories like There we found everything we were looking for: headphones, external batteries, cover cases, protective covers, and Bluetooth headsets. Everything was either universal or designed specifically to fit the model we tested. There are a couple of reasons ranging from competitive pricing to the overall quality and sheer variety of their products, and whichever you pick, you will be making a good choice.

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