MHL would be used to unchain your multimedia from your phone or table and display photos, games or even games on the big screen. All these by just one single cable. Teh MHL port to be plugged in the micro USB port on your phone or your tablet and the other to be plugged into the HDMI port on a television or a monitor and get your phone mirrored.

Get rid of those small screens now, view on the big screen, play on the big screen! PTron® is one of the leading manufacturer of the Version 1.4 HDMI cables with gold plated connectors and such type of interfaces.

Featuring a fast transfer rate of 4.95 to 10.2Gbps, these cables come with 24K gold plated connectors that help in imparting durability. It also helps protect your devices from any kind of damage. The triple shielded copper wire helps reduce energy loss, and delivers superior sound and picture quality at all times.

PTron® Gold Plated High Speed HDMI v1.4 supports all Cables 1.4 features mentioned below:

Ethernet Channel

10.2 GHz Bandwidth

Audio Return Channel

4K Resolution Support

Expanded Support for Color Spaces

HDMI Micro Connector (Type D)

Automotive Connection System (Type E)

LatestOne offers numerous varieties of these cables suitable for different gadgets and systems. You can browse across various varieties of Cables to compare features and prices.

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