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Customized Mobile Covers for Funky Mood

A great smartphone can be a great companion for anyone. It is that phone which will keep you entertained. It is that phone which will help you keep track of all your appointments. Also, it is that phone which will help you store all your memories together. Since the phone stores everything that displays your personality, why should you ignore the cell phone cover which protects the phone from damage? Why would not you get a cover which will help you express your unique personality to everyone? Cell phone covers are great accessories which will adorn your phone and also keep it safe from a lot of damages. Now, you will get different Lenovo K4 Note Accessories in the mobile accessory portals.

Now, people buy mobile cover to keep their phone away from damage. However, there is no reason why you should not have some fun with the covers. You can decorate the mobile cover in ways that it looks totally different from the piece you have bought. It will give you a chance to express your creative self and have some delightful moment with your beloved mobile phone cover.So, what can you do with your cell phone cover that will make it look brand new? What are the decoration tips? Well, in fact there are too many which one would you like to try is the question. You can use anything your heart pleases if you want a funky unlikely mobile cover.

Every thought duct tape would serve the purpose of decorating your cell phone cover? Well, duct tapes can be used for the purpose. However, you would have to find duct tapes of different colors to decorate your cell phone. Adhere to bright colors, so that your cell phone cover looks brand new when you are through with the decoration part.Make sure to cut the duct tapes into small pieces keeping in mind the length of mobile cover. Now, you would have to paste the tapes horizontally one by one. The color sequence you would have to decide. It can be lighter shades to darker or you can create a contrast of pasting one dark shade and then a light one. How about creating a rainbow? Give your creative side a try.

In case you have invested in a high quality cell phone cover which had you spent a lot of money, you can decorate the cover in a way that it looks like a piece of jewelry for your cell phone. There are metal jewelry stickers available in the market. You need to buy those to stick at the back of the cover. However, you should not just stick them without any proper planning. First you need to create a design or print out a design then only follow the pattern of the design.This idea can be a little bold. If you are really someone who likes to be different this design will match your taste. Cut out letters from magazines and stick them at the back of your cell phone with glue. Such collage looks good when done right.

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