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Lava x28 plus mobile covers

Lava launched one of its best phones, lava x28 plus on 16 September 2016.This phone was designed to meet up with its current demands with its new added specifications. The phone is 8.95 mm thin with polycarbonate body making it look sleek and extremely stylish. The weight of phone in 174gm with battery and 126gm, without it making it really easy to carry as well as handy for the users. The phone has the latest version of android and some pre installed applications to enhance the user experience. The handset has a plastic body and the depth and power section as well as the volume button is on the left hand side of the mobile phone.

To suit this lava mobile phone there are many mobile covers which are available in the market and online. Having a mobile cover is very important to provide an overall protection of your lava gadget. Lava x28 plus has number of cover available and one can choose according to the uses of the cover and your preference.

Types of mobile cover for lava x28 plus phone cover

One of the most used cover for this phone is lava x28 flip covers. These cover are designed specifically to provide extra screen protection to your phone. The lava x28 plus mobile covers is expressively designed to fit the mobile phone and one does not need to take out the cover. It fits the phone perfectly and has required slit for the power and volume button. The cover protects the screen from dust and water as well. With this lava cover you can be relieved about the scratches on your screen and even avoid accidental touches on the screen. This back cover is ideal during summer time as it protects the phone from sweat in the humid weather. The lava flip cover comes in rubber as well as leather. Both are durable and easy for the user to use. The lava mobile cover comes in basic colors like black as well as the colors of the phone i.e. gold and silver which blends with the phone.

Lava x28 plus phone has gorilla glass which makes the users opt for back covers too. There are number of back covers available for lava which are designed ultra thing to match with the phone. The covers are made up of silicon, rubber or plastic and the users can choose it according to their taste. Apart from being water resistant they are heat resistant too as it protects the phone from the outside head. The volume button, power, camera are exposed as per the human requirements. The back cover of lava x28 plus phone comes in various colors, designs and materials which gives more option to the user than it was in the flip cover.

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