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A review on the Lava Iris Alfa Mobile Covers

When we talk about the Lava Company, the first Smartphone which comes into our mind is Lava Iris Alfa. This Smartphone looks truly brilliant and in fact this is one of the best Smartphone’s with great features available at a very low price. Moreover, this Smartphone comes in 2 cool colors Black and White giving you an opportunity to choose your favorite one.

Lava Iris Alfa Covers and cases:

The beauty of a Smartphone lies in its display and even a small scratch on it ruins the whole beauty of your Smartphone. Protecting your Smartphone is very now and in fact you can protect your Smartphone by adding stylish look to it now. The Lava Iris Alfa designer covers and cases will add a great beauty to your Smartphone while protecting it from dust and damage.

The wallet style flip covers & cases with magnetic closing flap are available in your favorite colors now like pink, blue, black, green and many more giving an opportunity to the Lava Iris Alfa users to choose their favorite one. These flip covers & cases are made up of high quality material and are designed in such a way that they will cover your Smartphone on all the sides giving an extra protection to it.

Power banks:

Those people who want to keep their Smartphone charged always could opt for the Power banks. As the Power banks offers a great opportunity to its users to charge their Smartphone instantly at any time when the charging is running down, you could carry one with you always to avoid missing out important calls. PTron portable power banks would be the best choice for the Smartphone users who are looking for light weight, affordable and quality power banks.


PTron is offering attractive wireless headsets to the Smartphone users to enjoy their favorite music. Bluetooth headsets are also a great option for the Smartphone users, those who want to answer the calls without having the necessity to hold the Mobile phone while talking.

Choosing the right accessories is really important to enjoy the special features of your Smartphone and PTron power banks, headsets and Bluetooth’s would be a great choice for the Smartphone users who are looking for some quality products at an attractive price. Moreover, PTron is offering these accessories in various attractive colors like blue, green, red and many more.

Why late, start shopping your favorite Mobile phone accessories to enjoy its special features!

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