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Lava Iris 350M Mobile Covers

The case is made out of 100 % premium material and is an awesome, lightweight option for securing your significant contraption. The sturdy case retains stun from any unplanned drops or knocks. You have full access to all catches without uprooting.

Tempered Glass

Likewise accessible for Lava Iris 350m is an extent of stimulating 3D and 2D print skin stickers of diverse sorts and security glass screen protectors for additional confirmation for your screen.

Absolutely embellish your device with the best power banks and information connections to revise all your battery and information trade answers for your Lava Iris 350m wireless. Get the best courses of action and look over the once-over what fills your need and needs best! Buy advantageous chargers to offer you some help with keeping your mobile phone arranged for use at whatever time and wherever, for the individuals who are reliably moving. These compact chargers require slightest charging time to outfit you with un-bargained battery fortification on various occasions.

Speakers and Bluetooth

Get immaculate hands free headsets with speaker for your Lava Iris 350m cell phone and acknowledge calls while on the go. Additionally take a gander at Bluetooth speakers to join with your device remotely and benefit as much as possible from your media in style. Pass on life to the get-together with these astonishing Bluetooth speakers and appreciate!

Wireless Bluetooth and Speakerphone

At the point when a call comes in, press the noting key. The music will blur and you can accept the approach your Bluetooth speaker. The Wireless Speaker has an implicit receiver which makes it perfect when others in the room need to partake in the call.

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