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Lava Chargers

Lava chargers are robust and energy efficient with built-in solar panel named Sunpower. Apart from other charging benefits, Sunpower backed chargers are great choice for using outdoors as they use both conventional and unconventional power supply for charging.

The phone chargers are available as the regular chargers with charging cable and socket. You can also check out for power banks that come with USB port that allows connection with all types of devices through USB cable. The charger comes with blue colored LED display that indicates whether the device is fully charged. The charging of the power bank takes up to 10 to 12 hours when kept under sun.

This charger that can be grabbed online from e-tailers like and like are suitable for outdoor use and travelling. The material and make of the charger is meant to resist the rough use that may usually occur while it is used during travelling.

The extra-fast charging feature is also offered in some of the models that are meant for quick charging as per the latest trends. Solar chargers from Lava are best choice for hiking and other outdoor nature trails that won’t have power connections for charging. Pick the charger model according to your charging requirements.

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