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Buy Lava A76 Mobile Covers Online and Give Your Phone a New Makeover

Lava phones are one of the most sought after budget phones in Indian market. Lava A76 is the latest addition in that group. People use several different Mobile Covers for modern handsets which do not only make the usage of the phone easier but also help users become multitasking. New Mobile Covers for Lava A76 may make the usage of the phone easier for the users.

What sorts of accessories are available for Lava A76

Lava A76 Mobile Covers which may protect the phone and make it perfect for multitasking. The back covers for the phones can effectively protect the phone from all sorts of troubles like bumps, dents and scratches. Polycarbonate coating on the covers make them more durable to provide extra protection. The flip covers on the other hand protect the frontal part as well as the rear properly. Both the covers have integrated holes for camera, USB ports and other buttons so that the users can use them without removing the covers completely.

Other than these covers there are power banks which help the users to recharge the handsets whenever and wherever the users need them to get recharged. Hi-tech power banks can recharge many devices at once via multiple USB cables.

Are there any hands-free accessories

There are magnificent headsets which allow the users to go completely hands-free. The Bluetooth headsets can effectively set connection with the Lava A76 handset to let the users receive or reject calls. There are some hi-tech headsets which may also allow the users to call back to a number without even touching the phone.

Though not hands-free, Bluetooth speakers are the new age devices which let the users turn their handsets to a miniature computer. These speakers can connect with the handsets via Bluetooth and play all the audio tracks while the users can use the handsets for some other works. However, these speakers can access Bluetooth signals up to the range of 10 meters. So, going beyond the area may put the users into trouble.

Where from these accessories can be purchased

All these accessories can be purchased at a discounted price from which also offers a limited warranty period within which the users may exchange any defective item and get a new one.

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