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Excite Yourself With The Latest Lava A52 Mobile Covers At LatestOne!

The Lava A52 smartphone is a smart choice for those wanting to enjoy a smartphone that’s light on their budget. Here at LatestOne, we have a range of Lava A52 Mobile Mobile Covers just for you to make some more smart choices and let you enjoy your smartphone in the fullest sense.

Charge Your Smartphone Anytime, Anywhere

Now there’s no need to worry about your phone’s battery running down. Once you have our compact power bank with you, you can charge your smartphone anytime, anywhere! Choose between the Black Ritzy Ultra-thin Light-weight Power Bank with 12000 mAh battery and the Blue Digital 16800 mAh Light Weight Power Bank with LED Display. Both these units are built to last long and charge quick. Multi-device charging, over current protection, overcharge protection and short circuit protection are some amazing features that you just cannot miss.Get more accessories at

Enjoy With Bluetooth Earphones And Stereo Headphones

Experience crystal clear sound with our fabulous Bluetooth Earphones even when there’s noise around. The Fashion MINI Bluetooth Headset R10 has a simple ergonomic design that fits perfectly in your ear. So just plug it in your ear and forget that you’re wearing it. Choose from a range of colours to complement your smartphone or make a fashion statement. The cute Universal Wireless 4.0 Mini Snail Bluetooth Earphone is also a sleek choice that offers utmost performance. Its skin friendly material eliminates any cause for irritation.

Set yourself free with our amazing Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. Enjoy high quality stereo sound without being wired all the time. The key feature of these wonderful headphones is noise elimination that does not let the surrounding noise interrupt your conversation or music. You can place your smartphone at a distance and still watch videos with clear sound. The powerful battery of the Hands free Neckband Headset serves you continuously for 4 hours once charged while that of the PBH 100 Bluetooth Headset gives about 8 hours of play time and about 10 hours of talk time.

Give In To Your Desire

Your thrifty decision of purchasing the Lava A52 smartphone entitles you to spoil yourself a bit with these fabulous accessories. We have attractive discounts just for you. What makes it even more irresistible is that you don’t need to pay for shipping. Simply pay for the products and we will deliver them to you right away.

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