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Laptop Chargers – Original or Duplicate

The word duplicate always goes with the wrong thing. The duplicate stands for low quality product that is inferior as compared to the original one. The duplicate products are usually low priced products and are developed to suit the pocket. The laptop chargers may also come in different forms like original and duplicate. The original charger is the one that is given along with the laptop and can be further purchased from the company store or authorised dealer. The duplicate chargers are compatible chargers and may not be always good or bad but the quality would depend on the store from which you purchased.

There are many considerations while buying the laptop charger as one wrong move will cost you the laptop. The inferior quality charger may cause permanent damage to the laptop which is strictly unwanted. Hence, if you have budget constraint then go for online shopping of the chargers as you will get great deal on best quality chargers. The online shopping will protect you against settling down for the inferior charger just because of pricing.

Buying the laptop charger

Power Supply

The power supply is the main thing governed by the laptop charger and uneven power supply may create major problem for the laptop. The charger purchased from the reputed shop may always have 100% even power supply. The laptop will be charged faster and would be protected against fluctuations. The original chargers are designed to offer the power supply as needed for the laptop and would keep the laptop away from any sort of voltage variations.

Charging time

The good charger compatible with the laptop will charge the laptop with full power supply and that will take very less time. The charging time of the laptop should not be too long as it will cause unnecessary heating of the battery and other elements causing damage. These damages are mostly irreversible and hence you should notice the charging time too while opting for the charger. Never keep your charging on even after the battery is fully charged as this will cause damage to the laptop and charger both. The overheating is not good for any part of the laptop.

Go specific

The laptop charger should be specific and not universal. The universal charger may be good to carry for all laptops but you actually don’t need it as you have to charge only one laptop which is yours. The universal laptop charger is good for offices as an extra support when there are too many laptops to be charged.

Maintain well

Whatever charger you select, the maintenance plays a major role. The well maintained charger whether original or duplicate may give satisfactory output. You may keep the charger in the dust free place when not in use. The cable should be protected against cuts to keep the output intact.

The wrong laptop charger can literally cost you your laptop and hence make sure you find only the best charger online that is compatible with your laptop as well as the pocket.

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