LAN Cable- How useful is it?

We all need a proper connection for networking in small areas or at home at a fast speed. A LAN Cable is important in schools, offices, gaming consoles, laptops at desks and other devices For all your electronic accessory needs

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LAN Cables- What is it?

LAN or Local Area Network cables are increasingly used in laboratories, schools and offices to connect router to a modem and then connect the router to a computer’s network interface card. There are various kinds of LAN cables such as Category 3, 5, 5e, 6, 6a and 7.

Why use LAN Cable for your device?

LAN cables are used for a speeding internet between two or more devices. These cables are sturdy and give greater internet speed without any latency. In order to make it work, a configuration of IP Address is needed. A range of LAN Cables are available in the market as per your need. They also come in different colors so that it is distinguishable. You can use these cables according to the place where needed. Schools require them for computer classes and laboratory needs. Office and home require such cables for their work and leisure purposes.

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