Turn on The Power of Your Smartphone With an IR Blaster from LatestOne!

How much can your iOS or Android phone really do? Find out when you choose the IR Blaster designed for these devices. Use the power of your phone’s headphone jack to extend its features beyond your wildest imagination. Look through their features on LatestOne and choose the best one possible enjoy the full potential of all that your phone can do.

What You Can Accomplish

An IR blaster works as a universal infrared remote control for all appliances and is a powerful transmitter capable of reaching even into nooks and corners. Simply connect the device to your phone via the headphone jack, confirm that it works using the LED indicator, download the controller app and link appliances that are to be controlled. Get The Latest Mobile Accessories Online

Complete Home Device Control Simplified

Using the IR Blaster takes the hassle out of having multiple remote control devices and turns your phone into a single universal remote control for all devices connected to the app. Set up this accessory in quick simple steps and start controlling devices from your television to you air conditioning unit. You do not need to be a tech guru to learn how to use the IR Blaster – the app and the instructions are simple and easy to understand, while the actual integration with your device does not require a technical expert to handle it.

Why Buy The IR Blaster Now?

Simply put, this gadget is fast moving with a growing number of people wishing to combine multiple functionalities on a single mobile phone. If you sit back and allow yourself time to debate on your purchase, you just might miss out on this brilliant accessory that makes your smartphone go beyond being just a phone. Order your IR Blaster now on LatestOne and start extending the functionality of your smartphone in no time, with a quick, easy and fast home delivery.

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