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Explore the iPhone 6 Plus Mobile Covers that Make Your Smartphone Look Smarter

Apple phones are good to flaunt but what if your precious possession slips from your hand and succumbs to the shock of falling? The screens of these pricey phones are as costly as the brand new good quality smartphone. To avoid this to happen, you may opt for trendy iPhone 6 Plus covers that protect your phone and at the same time don’t compromise with its stunning looks. These can be selected based on your usage and the part of the phone you want to expose!

Protect the phone without covering it

The bumper iPhone 6 plus cases are the cover that would protect your phone without covering it looks. The phone stays exposed from both sides while the case protects the phone against accidental drop. The rubber lining on the edge of the phone that is also projected on both sides would absorb any type of shock encountered when the phone is dropped or it dashes into something. You have many colors to select and the main advantage of this phone is that most of the original phone surface stays exposed.

Give a whole new look to the phone while protecting it

Here, you may require either back or flip cover. These come with special design that will enhance the looks of your phone and also protect is fully. The back cover would not cover the screen but it would protect the phone against accidental falls. The flip cover or wallet case would give your phone complete protection and you may get the whole new look for the phone.

The wallet cases give extra utility as they not just cover the phone but would also keep your other important stuff handy and safe. The designer wallet case would also work as clutch on some occasions.

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