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iPhone 5 5S Girl Mobile Covers

Mobile Covers

Apple iPhone 5 Mobile Covers, for Apple its the class that matters. has many elegant and standard Covers for the Apple because, the brand says it all, Apple!

The iFace Mirror Stand Back cover case for iPhone 5/5S is sleek, smooth but at the same time prevents the smartphone from any harm or dust. The high point is the back side flap mirror that will want you to buy it! It comes in very bright and glossy shades of yellow, brown, hot pink, orange,etc.

The Motomo luxury brushed metal textured hard back cover for iPhone 5/5S is glitzy, premium and durable. It will certainly enhance your smartphone’s look. You can find it in shiny shades of brown, maroon, black, silver,etc.

The Verus Damda Back cover wallet case for iPhone 5/5S effectively protects your smartphone. It is flexible and extremely durable, easily accessible with premium look.

The Something New hard case cover back skin protector is sturdy but very light. Apart from providing protection to the iPhone5/5S, it imbibes colors that are quite trendy like purple, pink, blue, etc.

The Aluminum Hard Case hard back cover case for iPhone 5/5S is a reflective metal brush design that looks ravishingly well on your iPhone 5/5s! It provides a great fit and weighs 20 grams.

The UAG protective case for iPhone 5/5S is robust, sturdy and is meant for rough use! Its rock hard look adds to its macho personality and attractiveness! It comes in distinct shades of army green, black and white.

The Hard back cover case with Apple logo is as if custom made for iPhone 5/5S. Well cut-outs and slim design are its highlight.

The Penguin design silicon back cover for iPhone 5/5S/5G is cute. It comes in some of the best bright shades.

There are many fashion cases like the Zipper design, fashion boy/girl design and smile back case covers for iPhone 5/5S in many attractive shades.

Flip Covers of fine quality like Platina leather is also available.

Oh! There are uncountable number of mobile covers for iPhone 5/5S! Your eyes will literally glitter and at the same time be dazed! Since it is a treasure full of iPhone 5 5S Girl Covers. You’ll love them all and will want to own them all!

Bumper Case

The Zenus Walnutt Bumper cover case is simply the accessory that you have been desiring for. It is light, portable and is built to prevent shock to the iPhone 5/5S. It is made of polycarbonate and PU. The iPhone is fully accessible when in this attractive bumper case. These come in various shades, green-white, hotpink-white, black-white,etc.

The Luxury double diamond metal bumper case for iPhone 5/5S is made up of aluminum and is statement case! It has this bling factor that is extremely enticing to look at.


The Flat Stereo Metal End AUX Audio Cable 3.5 mm Male to Male that can be used for various applications. It comes in various shades of pink, blue, yellow and is completely tangle-free.

The Full LED flat USB Charging data cable for iPhone 5/5S is high speed data sync and lighting cable that helps the iPhone 5/5S connect to any computer for free transfer of data like music, pictures,etc.

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