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iBall Slide 3G Q1035 Tablet Covers are here to keep things fresh

iBall Slide 3G Q1035 Tablet is a coming of age device that has been released with the intention to make tablets accessible to every type of buyer. Boasting of impressive specifications and sleek exterior visual, this device has become a popular choice for casual tablet users. To get more out of this unique model, you can buy accessories like cases and covers to further boost its usefulness.

Cases and covers

After a certain point of time, every electronic gadget begins to feel a little dated owing to either its specifications or its looks. While upgrading specifications will require you to buy a new device, you can definitely dress your favorite device in a different attire by choosing from our extensive range of tablet covers available in our website.

Some impressive features of iBall Slide 3G Q1035 Tablet cases and covers that will impress you are:

Advanced 360 degree swivel rotation that will allow you to take landscape shots and portraits with pinpoint accuracy

Highly durable leather material that will ensure protection against any sort of scratches or damages

Stand position convenient enough to allow you to watch movies without the need of holding the device in your hand

Elastic bands that allow you to secure a grip on your device while you move

Additional iBall Slide 3G Q1035 Tablet Covers

Power banks

If you have ever encountered the problem of low battery or your tablet shutting down due to lack of power, then buying up our bank would definitely save you from the embarrassment and hassle of losing your precious work.

Bluetooth speakers

Buy a mini portable wireless speaker to get rid of your worries about carrying a large size stereo system to a party. Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, and play your favorite tracks to get the people grooving.

Extra bass headphones:

These In-ear plug in headphones offer super bass quality so that you don't miss a perfect beat, ever again. Keep your headphones close, and the perfect rhythm of the beats closer.

Benefits of shopping from us

Every time you buy iBall Slide 3G Q1035 Tablet Covers, we make sure that you get the best treatment possible from us. We provide every product at a discounted rate and deliver right to your doorstep, without you having to set foot outside. Even cash on delivery system is available for your convenience, which you may avail if online payment is inconvenient. Keep all your worries aside and buy from for an amazing experience on .

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