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Buy iBall Slide 3G 6095-D20 Tablet Covers to beat your rival friend

Are you feeling jealous that your best friend has bought an iBall Slide 3G 6095-D20 tablet while you are using the same model gifted by your father in your last birthday? Don’t worry; all hope is not lost as there is an exciting range of iBall Slide 3G 6095-D20 Tablet Covers available that would allow you to customise your tab format maximum attractiveness.

As if using a Wi-Fi enabled iBall Slide 3G 6095-D20 embedded with dual core processor, 1 GB DDR3 RAM, 2 MP rear camera was not enough, you will now proudly show off the new look of your tab with certain Tablet Covers.

What type of back covers are there?

You may already know how flip covers work as you have already used it on your tablet before. However, a new form of cover available known as 360 degree swivelled cover gives a whole new level of protection to your tab. You must be wondering how this works?

Being a leather cover, it guarantees your device free from the basic damages like hitting, falling from hand on the solid surface, scratches and other type of damages. It enables you to have a favourable experience, both in portrait and landscape mode.

The elastic band helps you to fasten your device tightly in your hand so that if unconsciously you lose your grip, it dangles from your hand.

The exquisite outlook of the cover will undoubtedly catch your fancy.

Other iBall Slide 3G 6095-D20 Tablet Covers

Did your friend buy an additional power bank? While that may be best left for imagination, you would not want to take a chance to run out of battery at a time when you need your tab the most. Buy a power bank charger and keep your tab locked and loaded to be put into action, at any time.

Bluetooth speaker available will quickly turn you into the life of a party anywhere you go.

Anything Else?

You don't need to visit an electronic shop or a mobile store to purchase any of these iBall Slide 3G 6095-D20 Tablet Covers, as all the items available can be delivered right to your doorstep. Stay clear of worries as the items will be delivered at the least time possible without any extra seat shipping charges.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your order and give a new life to your tablet.

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