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Get trendy with stylish HTC one A9 Mobile Covers!

Mobile phones, in present times, have reached out from the range of a necessity to a fashion statement made by the concerned person.

Mobile covers:

At, there is a range of mobile covers meant to be both hardy and stylish. Apart from just having the proper grip, the phone cover should also be smart and trendy, going by the current demands of the time. Hence, there is a whole range of designer covers along with some classy old products with evergreen appeal.

Not just that the mobile covers are available in a variety of colours and styles along with choices of having personalised designs. The themes of the covers can be chosen by the people or they can integrate their own designs. In this way, every phone will have a personal touch associated with it.

Also, there are options of having 2D and 3D stickers on the covers to make it look funky for those who like the new urbane style. Clearly, making a personal statement is the catchword!

Specifications of this model:

The HTC A9 model is an android of the latest range, equipped with 5.0 inches of AMOLED touchscreen and 16M colours. The audio is of the Dolby type with loudspeaker effect. The internal memory is expandable from 16-32 GB, with battery life of 46 hours.

Bluetooth speaker:

The mini portable Bluetooth speaker, built in rechargeable battery has a micro SD TF card slot with mp3 and mp4 files being played. The design is modular ‘buddy-jack’, where a row of mini speakers are connected to get best performance. This comes also as olive wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Power bank:

The power bank is energy saving and built in lithium of high capacity. It is rechargeable under the shutdown mode as well and it has a high life capacity with a short term recharge facility. Most importantly, it provides complete protection against over-charging and short circuit issues.

Why buy this:

To have that perfect set with almost all the facilities of a tab, and coming with trendy covers this is a perfect buy for a classy person.

The colours bring a variety to the mundane covers, and the cuts and styles help them get a new show into the boring world of mobile flip covers.

It also brings on board some of the best facilities of android making it an instant pick up option.

So get HTC A9 phone’s accessories for you to make a smart impact.

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