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HTC Desire 818 Mobile Covers

Leading brand name in mobile industry HTC has a famous smartphone model HTC Desire 818 launched in the market. This device is equipped with latest technology and is in great demand among buyers. Along with the latest technology features, this phone also carries different accessories as well.

HTC Desire 818 Bluetooth headset is very important accessory of the phone and is available on P-Tron Headset in Ear Metal Zipper is a Bluetooth compatible with this smartphone available in the market. It provides hands free access to the phone and makes it easy for the user to take calls while doing work and enjoy music. It also has a volume adjustable button as well as call accept and reject feature. It has 3.5 mm In-ear stereo and mic. It produces excellent quality of sound.

HTC Desire 818 also has hard back cover available for the phone to provide extra grip and safety to the phone. This case comes in black variant and is fully compatible with the phone. It has a double layer robust protection which keeps phone safe from damages and shocks. It has an external stand holder. It also protects the phone from marks and scars. This case also carries cut out windows for control ports, speakers and camera of the phone. This cover case also gives easy access to all the controls of the phone.

P-Tron storm 1600 mAh power bank is another great featured accessory of the HTC Desire 818 smartphone. It has two USB ports and also has flash light. It runs on high output 5V. This power bank provides speedy charging to the smartphone. It has power saving feature as well. The USB ports in the power bank makes it compatible for all devices that supports USB port and it can be charged from charger as well as from other computer devices.

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