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HTC Desire 728 Mobile Covers

Fulfil your desire to own the best gadgets and gears in the category with the all new HTC Desire 728. Enrich the cool handheld device with the range of multi varied Mobile Covers and give your personality the cool touch. With the trendy Mobile Covers being the need of the hour, the HTC Desire 728 comes with the complete package of cool trends to add on. Keeping the device secure with least compromise on the looks is a child’s play with the all new range of accessories for the mobile.

This dual SIM supporting device can support both the cheapest and the most expensive Mobile Covers, fulfilling the real need of keeping the device secure. All the security concerns come to an end with the multiple accessorised equipments available for enhancing both the looks and security concern. Giving the device the perfect look with complete technical support is hands on with these Mobile Covers. Every single security concern is easily covered with the entire range of Mobile Covers flooding the entire market.

The HTC Desire 728 can now carry the perfect amalgamation of both technology and style. There are various combo offers on of screen guard and flip covers that can protect both the phone multi-sided. Along with the Mobile Covers range also includes- memory cards, head phones and multi-designed phone units.

Pricing from Rs.150/- the prices increase as per the quality and design specialization for the device. It’s easy to get the accessorized look as per desire with the all new range of multiple designer accessorized collections. Various color offerings like red, blue, and grey, black are available as per the taste of the customer choice and preference. Also get on your heels for the trendiest look with the all new designer collection for cases, flip covers, screen guard, body panels, charger and many more, one can find both online and offline.

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