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HTC Desire 310 Mobile Covers

Flip covers: We have something new for you, its the brand new and a very good quality fancy leather flip cases! You dont have to carry an other case for your cards and money. These cases have 2 card and one money slot. Its fashionable and same time protects your phone from dust or bumps if you just drop it accidentally. Its unique design allows all the buttons to function and access without re-cutting it again. It is easy to install and remove.

Back covers : The i-Glow cases are unique and have cool vibrant colors. Its a multi-color case. Suitable for any event or costume. Its a hard plastic with rubber coating. Though its a hard plastic its very thin and light weighted! This keeps your phone safe and stylish. Their is the integrated hole for camera and is durable, protects from dust or scratch or finger prints!

Bumper Cases : The Zenus Walnutt Bumper cover case is simply the accessory that you have been desiring for. It is light, portable and is built to prevent shock to the HTC Desire 310 Covers . It is made of polycarbonate and PU. The Phone is fully accessible when in this attractive bumper case. These come in various shades, green-white, hotpink-white, black-white,etc.

The Luxury double diamond metal bumper case for HTC Desire 310 is made up of aluminum and is statement case! It has this bling factor that is extremely enticing to look at.

Accessories:Power banks! An ultimate gadget to have while on traveling. Stop looking for halts to charge your phone or a table or even a camera. Charge all through this small yet powerful box. We offer many more power banks. Do visit us at,

Multi-charger USB ports: Traveled to a new place? Have one power point? No worries, we have the multi- charger with 4 USB ports. Charge all your gadgets from one power point.!

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