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HDMI Cable and its workability:

In today’s world, we use advanced technology. We reside in such a society, where almost no one can even think to run their life in a smooth way without technology. High-Definition Multimedia Interface is a proprietary audio/video fuse. It is used in transferring uncompressed video information as well as compressed or uncompressed digital audio data, from an compliant source instrument like a display controller to a compatible computer monitor, digital television, video projector or digital audio device. It is regarded as a digital replacement for analogue video standards.

This cable can be connected from your HD DVR or HD receiver to your HDTV. You just need to search the port labelled ‘HDMI’ on each device, stuck in the appropriate end of the cable into each of the ports.

HDMI cable from

The HDMI Cable available in “Latestone” has gold-plated connectors which provide highest signal transfer rate. It also protects from corrosion. It can be used for HDTV/ Home Theatre/business class projector based applications. This cable is designed for all standards Models. It supports 720p, 1080i, 1080p resolution. It transfers Digital Audio and Video signals. This cable from are completely compatible with 1.3b specification. This cable has great usefulness. It gives excellent audio-visual transfer properties, which deliver signal without compromising balance as well as purity. The length of the cable is 1 Meter and it comes in Black colour.

Why to use the these cable

To connect high-definition device,this technology is used. This technology is recognized as the global standard to connect high definition instrument. Being an intelligent interface, unique ease of use and dazzling quality both are delivered by this Cables. There are approximately 1,600 of the world’s largest consumer electronics, mobile device; PC manufacturers include this connectivity into their products. Multi channel surround information, crystal-clear digital video and advanced control information via a single cable can be transmitted by these technology. As many as 11 older cables can be replaced by 1 cable. It gives pure digital performance.This Cable connection transfers uncompressed audio-video information in 100 percent digital form. You can experience a world class view, audiophile quality sound and pixel-for-pixel video efficiency.

it is created to contain extremely high resolution video, along with bandwidth to spare for the next generation of HD equipment. This linked components Cables have capacity to question other’s abilities as well as adjust themselves automatically for optimal viewing. For instance, a DVD player and a TV can auto-negotiate settings like resolution and aspect ratio. It can be connected to everything. Virtually every DVR, TV, Av receiver, set-top box and Blue-ray Disc player sold, currently comes with at least one connection. These connectors can be found in other products including multimedia PCs, notebooks, laptops, camcorders, gaming console, digital still cameras, which will give you more alternatives on how you link the broad world of HD entertainment.

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