Get Rich Virtual Reality Experience With Google Cardboards from LatestOne!

Google cardboards are the coolest way to turn your Android smart phone into a neat virtual reality headset. It is worth checking out the Google cardboard to enhance your technology experience in an economical way. Google cardboard is a product that you need to experience to understand the excitement, popularity and demand behind it. LatestOne offers best deals on Google Cardboards. Look through the entire catalog to find the right one for your smart phone.

Virtual Reality 3D Viewing Glasses

The Virtual Reality 3D Google Cardboard Box is high in demand on LatestOne. It is almost sold out within hours of being available. It is compatible with all smart phones. It is made of high quality laser cur corrugated cardboard sheet with lamination. It includes 2 pre assembled biconvex lens, a magnet and a head strap. It is designed to convert your smart phone into a 3D home theatre system. You can watch any regular in 3D by using apps available on Google Play Store. You can also stream all your desktop contents to the Google Cardboard. This virtual reality cardboard box looks neat and elegant with a beautiful design printed and laminated with matte finish on it. It works with iPhone, Android devices and Windows phones up to 5.5 inch screen.

How to Use Google Cardboard?

The installation is simple and easy. First assemble the viewer as per instructions. Open a Google Cardboard compatible app, and place your smart phone in the viewer. Use the magnet switch or push button as control button. The software application splits the screen into a right and left pane, one of each of your eyes. It applies some distortion to correct any distortion that the lens will create. The resulting effect is a stereoscopic image that fills your field of vision completely and allows you to enjoy a virtual reality experience. You can use the magnet to control your smart phone. Depending on your smart phone, you can use the motion sensors on your phone to navigate through things.

Why Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard works with numerous applications that include video apps, games and more. Games designed for Google Cardboard, are built to take you through challenges and obstacles that make you feel like you are right in the game. Avail the free shipping offer at and enjoy rich virtual reality experience.

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