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Gionee Other Mobile Covers

Back covers:

Few are with the rubberized hard case. Which give a smooth finish and yet be trendy and dosent leaves your phone with any bumps. Environmental pc materials. Formed by the highly precise injection, moulding machine with high temperature.

The rigidity is good enough not to transfer and break off easily. Open mold according to real mobile phone with precise function holes. Latestone has a wide range fro you to select from at a very reasonable price! Get on to our website, check and shop!

Flip covers:

Our latest add on’s for the flip cover case are the fancy diary stand leather case. Looks very catchy and trendy, same time! Stylish, that is what makes them more choosy among others. It gives on the full body protection from scratched and dumps. All the phones today are high end models and so need protection good cover cases are on high sale. We have some cool collection for your phone.As LatestOne brings to you an exclusive range of cases and covers for Gionee Other Mobile Covers .

Screen Guard :

The PTron glass Screen Guard protector is resistant against scratches and finger impressions. It is very easy to use and can be fixed on the screen directly due to its custom fit. It is ultra clear, almost negligible when its installed on the mobile phone. It is bubble free and doesn’t affect the touch sensors of the smartphone. Oleo-phobic Coating: The protector has an oleo-phobic coating that prevents fingerprints and other contaminants and makes the film easy to clean.

5 in 1 USB port:

Have more that one phone ? And don't like to carry the charging wires around? Then, we have something in store for you! Its the 5 in 1 USB port, which has the most popular USB ports. Its light weight and so can be carried all around easily!


Is the perfect travel charger. You can connect your phone and your camera just to one plug-inn. It offers fast- effective charging! This is one perfect thing to charge all your gadgets!

Power charger: Its out put is High and has a long life and helps to charge fast. The PTron has the high capacity battery. Is portable and environmental friendly. Dont just run away by charging while on go, have the power bank and enjoy your travel with charged gadgets!


A music in a smartphone is no way behind. To get the complete feel and the quality of the music, requires a good headphone. The new Modern design incorporates style and manageability with good features such as an elastomeric cord for less tangles and a very sleek control to switch between media options and the phone with a single touch. Has the best bass experience. High prominence. They the power full and bass driven.

LatestOne offers great price and many collections for you to choose from. Get the latest from LatestOne! Stop and Shop at LatestOne.

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