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A leading mobile phone company in mobile industry Spice Mobility Ltd. has launched different kinds of phones in the market like spice Xlife, spice dream Uno, Spice Xlife Pro, Spice Mi 498 and so on. Like-wise there are different kind of accessories available for spice mobile phones.

Screen guard for spice mobile phones protects the phone from damages occurring from scratches, bumps and accidental falls. It is an ultra-clear protective screen that is transparent and perfectly fits the phone. It consists of super quality glue that does not leave any residue behind after removing from the screen.

Charger for spice smartphone is a USB port supported charger. It is a best quality charger providing fast charging by consuming less amount of energy. It is compact in design and is light weighed. It is a charger that protects phone from short circuit and Over-heating. It can be used for all the USB port supporting devices.

Earphone for spice phone is 3.5 mm hands free featured headphone. It comes in white color. This earphone has call answering and cancelling buttons. It can be used with the smartphone and almost all computer devices. This earphone is light weighted and has a stylish design. It is comfortable to wear as it has adjustable earplugs and produces best sound quality.

Bumper cover for spice phone protects it from bumps and damage. It has an aluminum body that protects the sides and corners of the phone. It has an attractive design that makes it versatile. Many other cover designs are offered on at very competitive rates.

Power bank for spice mobile is a portable 2600mAh charger. It supports USB port and is compatible with all USB supporting devices. It has voltage protection, Over-charging protection, Short circuit protection that provides full safety to the phone. It enhances the charged battery life of the phone and is available with Manufacturer warranty.

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