Adorn Your OBI Smart Phone With Mobile Covers From LatestOne!

Mobile phone covers have changed the ideas and looks of smart phones and their usage. The Mobile Covers for OBI smart phones on LatestOne are designed to be creative and innovative. OBI Mobile Covers can effectively change the latest phone trends among users. Browse through the entire catalog of OBI Mobile Mobile Covers to find the ideal one for your smart phone.

Stylish Metal Zipper Earphones

The Metal In-Ear Zipper Earphone designed by PTron is available on in a vibrant green and black color combination. This earphone looks fabulous and sets the trend in style and fashion. It is designed like a zipper that accents the trendy urbane look. This earphone provides excellent audio quality and super clear sound. It comes with a longer right ear plug that makes it easy for you to wear it behind your neck. The 3.5 mm jack is also compatible with MP3 and MP4 media players. The in-ear design isolates the surrounding sound resulting in clear audio. The stereo earphone comes with an On/Off button that allows you to receive phone calls or disconnect them easily. This metal zipper earphones allow you to enjoy hands free conversation on the phone , watch video clips, play games and listen to songs with stereo effect. This earphone is an ideal and stylish choice for your OBI smart phone.

Smart Power Banks

Choose the PTron Strom 16800 mAh Power Bank for your OBI smart phone. This power bank has a built-in high capacity lithium battery that is durable, and has a long life cycle. You can charge your OBI smart phone easily and quickly as this power bank gives out a high output up to 5V. It comes with a USB cable that has 3 wide compatible connectors to be utilized to charge multiple devices at the same time. It also has an automatic on and off function that works when the smart phone is connected or disconnected. You can charge this power bank on your computer or a power adaptor via USB interface. This powerful power bank from PTron is portable, environment friendly and energy efficient.

Why Get Mobile Covers For OBI Smart Phones

Mobile Covers such as earphones and power banks increase the functionality of your OBI smart phones. You can get good value for your money with products from LatestOne. Avail the free shipping offer now.

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