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The Premium SDB Soft Silicon Gel back cover for LG G3 smartphone is very light, trendy and very flexible. Although it is soft, it is not at all agile or frail in providing support to your smartphone. Its construction is clean and well-suited for your smartphone. It is smooth and is quite easy for the grip. It comes in colors like sly blue, transparent, etc and there are different kind of Mobile Covers

Flip Covers

For LG G2 and LG G3 are a 360 degrees protection to the expensive smartphone from the everyday wear and tear. It adapts the shape of the phone and is easier to remove and install. Generally available in black and white color, it protects the smartphone from scratches, dust and dirt entirely.


For LG mobiles, headphones have graduated with the change of time. Like mobile covers, earphones have transformed there image from a mere listening device to a trendy statement. The Zipper headphones, the Xiaomi/ Samsung In Ear, Shure Headphones are the latest emerging earphones in the music experience today.

Screen Guard

With clear screen and bubble free screen, the Screen Guard for LG is the ultimate protection! It is so clear that you will not face any difficulty in viewing the phone screen. The touch sensors are not at all affected by the guard. It provides a long lasting protection for the smartphone preventing scratches and finger smudges.

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