Why Lava Mobile Covers Are So Popular These Days

While searching for the mobile cover, no doubt, people are always up for the leather mobile cases for their smart phones. However, most of the cases that are said to be leather are mixed with foam or soothe other hybrid product. The pure leather mobile cases take around one year to manufacture. The gradual process of tanning improves the product better and durable. Technology has come that has shortened the lengthy process and takes just a couple of days to manufacture. Among all types of leather, here I discuss the three essential types that are apt for mobile covers.

Aniline Leather:

This is the cheapest type of leather. The soluble dyes are pigmented on the surface of the leather to manufacture this kind of leather. The natural pores, scars of the animal skins can be visible on this leather.

Semi-Aniline Leather:

The same dying process is applied in this type of leather. However, the difference creates by coating a thin layer of insoluble pigments. This leather looks less natural, but last among than the aniline leather.

Pigmented Leather:

The cover that is layered by pigmented resin is called pigmented leather. This coating makes the leather tougher than any other type of leather. Using a flip cover made of this leather will be fruitful as it is more durable than other types. This is the reason why most people use this leather for their lava mobile covers .

Now, let’s know some advantages of using leather as flip cover.

Leather has a nice appeal to minds. The wrap of the leather bring a classy look at once. The smoothness of leather gives you a sophisticated feeling. Leather is easy to clean. You can hardly give any effort to clean the cover. Just a wet wiper or piece of cotton cloth is enough cleaning the cover. This is the most low-maintenance material that is ever used as mobile cover. Leather is one soft but durable material that absorbs jerks while dropping from hand. Due to the stretchability it is hard to tear off. You cannot imagine the resistant power of leather. It is also hard to soluble in chemical (except some). Most of the leather flip covers have extra pockets to hold credit cards or ID cards, etc.

Now, let’s know types of leather covers:

Flip cover: this is the well-known types of leather mobile. This type of mobile cover is used everywhere. It provides the full body protection of the mobile. The back side support from the back. On the other hand, the flipper door protects the screen and hold by the magnet loop.

Pouch: this is a kind of back made of leather for the mobile. Some have a loop like button, some haven’t. Some beautifully decorated ones have a leather rope to tie the bag.

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