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Coolke Hard Back Cover Cases for Lenovo smartphones are sturdy, simple and very professional to carry. These are made up of a metallic finish and is as strong a as a shell and as shiny as its cover. It is cut at the right edges for providing easy accessibility and prevents the smartphone from all kind of damages. It is eco-friendly and very easy to carry and is available in colors of silver, pink and black and there are different kind ofMobile covers

The Premium SDB Silicon Gel back cover for Lenovo smatphones is a soft cover with a rubber skin on top. With its subtlety, it provides protection to the mobile phone. It is made up of good quality and is available in shades of sky blue and green.

The Lenovo K4 Note Flip cover cases are an all round protection for the smart yet delicate smartphones of today. These covers are easily installed and removed without any fuss and are extremely compatible. These are available in basic colors of black and white.


The Zipper Headphones are not only trendy and cool to look at but has very relevant functionality. Th sound is very crisp, with Advanced Driver and Circuitry Design Superb Bass, Clear Mids and Highs. The fit comes in various sizes of small, medium and large ear tips and additional four ear-buds are provided for complimenting the buyer. It is available in jazzy red and black color.


The Logitech UE Mobile Boombox is incredible with its booming sound and zapping music quality! It weighs around 1.3 pounds and has a warranty of six months. It comes in the eye-catching shade of green.

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Make sure that you have these phone cases onlineand cases and covers with you when you are using smartphone or tablet as it will make your life simple.

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