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The durable Xiaomi Flip covers these days are a must for smartphones and Mobile covers. Protecting it from the daily pollution of the environment, these covers also support for the phone’s durability and style.

Metal Sense Touch Leather Flip Cover - Made of qualitative synthetic leather, this PU leather flip cover is not like any other! Not only does it provide protection, grip and comfort, it is imbibed with a metal sense touch that allows one to take calls without opening the flap! Cool isn’t it So, its time for you to go for one! It comes in the best of the two variants-a black and a white.

Wallet Covers

Accessorize your Xiaomi smartphone with the cool wallet like covers that looks exactly what you had dreamt for! It provides a 360 degree protection and acts as a shield from dust, scratches and unwanted damages. The best part about it is that it looks very vibrant, exactly like a chic wallet. It weighs like a feather and has easy accessibility to controls and ports. It comes in many pretty dual shades of pink-black, back-green, etc.

Back Covers

Hard Back Cover - For people who are a bit careless about their smartphones, hard back covers are the perfect answer to them. It has a metallic look to it, carefully designed for the Xiaomi smartphones and can be found in awesome colors.

Soft Back Cover - Innovation has taken its stride on everything, even if mobile covers. These soft back covers comes in transparent as well as regular forms. It is amazingly soft, washable and reusable for the smartphone. It perfectly takes the shape of the phone and adds a personality to it! It comes in various shades and designs.

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