Grab the Exclusive Motorola Mobile covers

Days of the smart phone and days of its accessories have intermittently made its mark since the time of mobile phones! Motorola has a wide variety of Mobile covers each with its individualistic design and style!

Moto Flip Cover

The advantage of Flip covers is that the phone perfectly fits inside it! For that extra safety and extra layer of protection, Moto Flip Covers are simply impeccable! Available in the basic color of black, white and red, it can go along with any occasion and to any place. The sleek dignified look promises to be tough and light-weight.

Moto Tough Back Cover

The Tough Back cover not only has a supreme look but has dual protection to offer to the handset. The rock solid surface but with a soothing shiny look enhances the Moto smartphones from all angles. It comes in different elegant shades of black, gold, white, dark grey, light grey,etc.

Moto Hard Back Cover

The Hard Back yet the buoyant case for Moto smartphones are made of silicon that provides a rubbery yet a hard case for the phone. The grip is tight and the hard rubberized cover proves as a shell for everyday wear and tear! It comes in many vibrant shades. Be it basic colors of white, red, blue, black or the lively colors of yellow, parrot green, hot pink, orange, brown, purple, triple color covers and pattern covers!

Soft Back Covers

This silicon soft back cover case is pretty simple to put on and remove from the phone. It is no doubt smart and exclusive in its look! People who want absolute no weight can buy this hassle-free soft cover for their Moto phones. Apart from providing protection, it comes in various shades like sky blue, light pink, hot pink, white, black and etc.

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