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Increase Utility of Your Mobile with Docking Stations Available On LatestOne!

A docking station is quite useful for those who want to use their mobile phones at all times such as business owners. Charging a mobile phone usually does not allow you to use your mobile phone but a docking station helps to keep your mobile phone straight where you can utilize the phone at any time. Browse through the entire range of docking stations at LatestOne to get the best deal.

Attractive Docking Stations for Android Smart Phones

Use the PTron Docking Station Charger Stand Adaptor with Micro USB that is available on LatestOne. It is compatible with android smart phones. This portable mobile docking station is made from high quality plastic with a rubber bottom that is durable and long lasting. The plastic with rubber layer also prevents the dock from slipping or sliding. It is light weight and compact. At the same time the design and look of the docking station is stylish and fashionable. It is available in a glossy white and black color that accents the look of your smart phone. You can carry this docking station with you at all times even on your travels. An important point to remember is that this is just a Charging Dock not a rechargeable dock station.

Elegant Docking Stations for Apple iPads

If you own an Apple iPad, then the iPad USB Cradle Station Base Holder Dock Charger Stand is for your device. You can easily access a dock connector port to quickly charge or sync your iPad with this iPad Dock. It also has an audio line out port that you can use with an audio cable to connect to powered speakers. This iPad dock is made of high quality material that features premium craftsmanship. As an added feature, this iPad Dock also supports other accessories such as a VGA adaptor, iPad Dock Connector and the iPad Camera Connection kit. It is light weight and easy to carry or store. It allows for easy charging at home or in office. It is designed as a compact and stylish docking station specifically for your Apple iPad.

Why Docking Stations?

Docking Stations enable you to use your smart phone at all times thus saving valuable time especially during business deals. They also provide needed support for your devices against short circuit, over charging or other related issues. Avail free shipping offer at docking stations.

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