Computers – The Long Journey of Technology

The computers have gone through many generations and have continuously evolved owing to the different needs of the technology in different fields. The computer that was earlier considered the necessity for offices and luxuries for homes have now become the need for every sector. The increasing use of computers has further increased its manufacturing throughout the computer giants. There are many companies offering computers with different configurations, features and offers. The desktops and laptops are equally needed for various tasks and the selection of the computer type mainly depends on the user and the use.

Various applications of computer


The application of computer in offices is quite known and people are using it since decades. The automation has made the office work faster and accurate. The manual errors are eliminated to great extent and the human dependency has also reduced. The offices belonging to all types of businesses are finding computer as inevitable part of their day to day operations. The desktops with all latest configurations and efficient processors are being used in offices to keep pace with the changing times. The sales force is usually given laptops to carry out the office work on the go. The presentations and product display have also become easier with the use of laptops.

Educational Institutes

The educational institutes like schools and colleges have made the computers medium to teach and learn. The students in higher standards are encouraged to bring their own laptops to keep their work well managed while learning to use the latest technology. The teachers have also found this piece of technology useful in making teaching notes, presentation slides, setting question papers, storing the students’ projects and so on. The computers have entered almost all parts of the education sector.


The households were not considering computer as their necessity earlier but have now found it necessary for many daily needs as well. The entry of internet in every sector has made computer useful in households too. The computers are used for all daily needs starting from booking tickets, ordering grocery, checking recipes, shopping vegetables, video calling and many such needs. The households have now started using desktops and laptops on daily basis and that has given rise to the sale of desktops and laptops with basic configuration.

Shops and supermarkets

The use of computers in shops and supermarkets is there from decades now. It is usually used in maintaining the inventory, customer details and also for billing purpose. The desktops specially designed to cater the needs of supermarkets are now manufactured by the companies to make it fit better for the purpose. There are plenty of choices available in computers falling into varied budgets. The users may now have full liberty to select the desktop or laptop in his budget with great discounts and freebies. The online purchase of the computer is now possible as all the leading brands have now gone online with standard manufacturer’s warranty and best quality promise. If you are also planning to have one for any purpose then go ahead and buy the best online.

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