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Memory (RAM) – The important tool to enhance the performance of your computer

RAM or Random Access Memory is the temporary memory of the computer. This memory is not the one that you use for storing your files or other data but it is the memory that the computer uses to store the temporary data. The operating system of the computer may store the applications in use and the currently used data in the Random Access Memory of the computer and once the computer is switched off, the same is deleted. The RAM has specific function in the computer and has much lower memory as compared to the hard disk as it is not the permanent storage device of the computer.

Why you need bigger RAM?

The RAM is continuously storing and deleting the data as you switch on or switch off the computer. The memory space required for the RAM is quite low and the best part is that this temporary memory will never exhaust as in case of other storage devices. The need for bigger RAM is there just because your computer may slow down if your temporary memory has more data to be stored than its capacity. In that case, the operating system will have to store the additional data on the hard disk and will call for more time and energy of the computer. To avoid this sudden slow down due to lower temporary memory, it becomes important for the user to get bigger RAM for faster processing of data.

More about RAM

The temporary memory is different from the permanent memory and it comes in the form of a microchip that is fitted in specially provided slot on the motherboard. The bigger RAM will ensure that your OS runs faster without going to the hard disk for reading the data. It will increase the overall efficiency of the computer.

Upgrading the RAM

If your computer is experiencing a sudden slow down and if your work suffers out of that then you need to act upon it immediately. The reasons behind this slow down may be many but you can always take a step towards rectifying it. The upgrade of RAM is possible as you can switch to a bigger memory conveniently. The upgrade may surely solve your problem temporarily but the permanent solution may be the result of maintenance. Your computer needs maintenance to keep pace with your speed. Follow the below points for quickly fixing the problem.

Close all the running programs on the computer as it unnecessarily takes space in your temporary memory. Cleaning the system Registry may also work as it will remove the useless data being stored on your computer memory.

Refresh your computer and opt for the proper shut down of the computer frequently so that the memory is cleaned and you get better performance.

If your maintenance work has not solved your problem to the fullest then check online for the additional RAM so as to get your computer running at the pace you want.

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