Computer Hardware – Inseparable part of the machine

The computer hardware means the physical components that can be seen, felt and touched. These physical components are externally attached to the computer and are the primary components of the device. The list of computer hardware is quite long but there are many hardware components that have been integrated into the main processing unit and hence not seen externally. The components that are attached externally to the computer may also come as the package along with the main computer system but you may need to buy these components when you need some replacement or want to upgrade them for some particular reason.

Some of the common computer hardware components are listed here to help you know more about your machine and its parts.


The monitor is the main output unit of the computer. This visual display unit was earlier found in the form of CRT monitors that were bulky but have now been replaced with sleek LCD and LED monitors. If your computer is still using the older version then the time has come to replace it with the latest technology. The clarity and looks of this newly developed monitor makes it a great choice even for older computers.


Keyboard that was earlier available as white piece of brick is now offered in different colours and sleek design. The wireless keyboards are doing rounds of the market to offer the convenience while operating the desktop. You may find these keyboards online to fit to your current computer well.


The mouse has also lost its tail by now. The cordless mouse with optical scroll has replaced that scroll mouse which required mouse pad below it for operation. The mouse can also be purchased for your laptop as it will ease out the overall operation by bringing in utmost convenience.


The printer that required configuration and attachment has now become easier to handle with the Wi-Fi technology. The latest technology has enabled the user to order a print sitting anywhere in the world on his printer. The latest 4 in 1 machines with Wi-Fi technology are worth buying as it will make most of your tasks easier.


Though speakers have nothing to do with the fundamental use of the computer, it is still the most sought after computer hardware. The sound output with speakers may matter when you are using your computer for presentations, enjoying music, watching movie and other such multimedia purposes. The speakers have also gone cordless and have reduced a lot in size as well. The small speakers with larger output have made the music lovers go crazy even with their computers.

There are many other hardware components too like; Joystick Network Interface Card (NIC) Tape Drive Webcam Expansion Card Zip Drive Floppy Drive etc.

The list is endless but most of these components are now integrated in the system. You may buy the hardware for your computer online to get an instant makeover to your machine.

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