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Great Discounts on Chromecast/Ezcast Online india

Don’t pain your hands and eyes by minutely watching and carrying that small-big smartphone! Your favourite websites can be now viewed at a mammoth screen. Those gigantic inches of your TV Screen will not be used for watching programmes that a TV channel packages for you. Now you will be the boss of your own favourite program, movies, games, video chats, messages and emails. Now watching pre-determined programs are a thing of the past.

With LatestOne storing one of the most coolest and hep products called the Chromecast/Ezcast the temperatures in the online business might just go higher with envy.

Now some of you might ask, What is a Chromecast? Well, a Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player is small dongle that connects the programs on your smartphone/computer to your Andoid Tv HDTV for an enjoyable experience. It somewhat resembles a pen-drive.

Few people would also like to know how does it work! Simply plug-in the Chromecast to the port-outlet of your HDTV, switch-on the Wi-Fi and there you go! Since Chromecast will act as a tiny bridge between your HDTV and smartphone, whatever activity you do on your phone will be visible on your HDTV.

You can watch YouTube videos, favourite English series, play candy crush, send emails, browse through the internet and so on. Your smartphone will now be your custom made remote.

Now there are a hundred of apps that can work well with Chromecast. All you have to do is just download them and begin the mesmerizing journey of this small wonder called Chromecast.

What is chrome cast?

Google has simplified everyone’s life. Chromecast is one the introductions by the search giant that has taken the modern generation by storm. The product has ruled the Amazon’s bestselling for a couple of years.

Chromecast is a digital media player which has been developed by Google. It has been designed as a dongle for the ease of using and carrying it. This device plays both audio and video content. However, you will have to attach a high definition television with this device to make to work. The users can select the media by using mobile app. They can use web app to play the media as well.

Earlier the chrome cast has been designed to play only video. It was released in 2013 and made available across the world for purchase. The device upon its release received favorable reviews and feedbacks.

From the day it has been released the device has received more than 1 billion streaming request. Second time when the device has been released it came with audio streaming only.

The device can be powered by connecting its micro USB port to the other power supply. Chrome cast offers two different methods of streaming the contents. The first one employs streaming from mobile app and the second one employs streaming data from web page.

How to reset ezcast dongle?

Ezcast Wifi dongle is considered as the universal cross platform. This dongle helps the users to cast videos, photos and gamed from iPhones and iPads easily. The ezcast dongle can be used to transfer the data from notebook, laptop as well.

To connect the dongle you will simply have to connect the HDMI port to the device. You need to use HDMI cable for this. Micro USB power port of the adaptor needs to be connected with the USB charger or the port of the TV to supply the power. The adaptor should begin to boost automatically. Now you can turn the television on and select the right HDMI port.

You need to connect the dongle to your television set to transfer the data. Power the dongle on to make the transfer successful. You will get to see the menu displayed on the screen.

Now you need to download the ezcast application on your phone. The app is available in Google play store. You can easily download it by tapping on the application. Now after the download is successful, you can connect the android wifi device with the dongle.

The ezcast id must show on your television screen. After that you can open the ezcast application on the android device. You will get to see the menu on your tablet or phone.

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