A car charger is a device which is plugged into the 12 volt cigarette lighter outlet of the vehicle. This device helps cell phone, MP3 and other electronic device to charge the battery. A simple cord or usb port can help to simply connect to it. As more features are getting added to our phones there is a surge in the drainage of the battery, hence the demand of car chargers are increasing day by day. Car chargers are fairly inexpensive and are easily available in any electronic store. Chargers are available which can be used in all the phones except few phones which require specific chargers. That’s the reason phones should be kept in mind before buying a car charger. Although many gadget freaks has rejected the idea of buying specific chargers and finds unnecessarily expensive. Instead they have stressed on buying universal chargers which serve greater utility and is pocket friendly.

Usually battery chargers serve two way purposes. It can be used as a charging device as well as serve the function of listening to music for devices that can play music. Car chargers for laptops are also available which provides larger power than phone car chargers. Car chargers is essential in today’s time where most of our tasks in done through our mobile phones. Charging the phones while going from one place to another has saved people from the embarrassment of dropping calls due to battery problems. That’s the reason even cab drivers are now keeping car chargers in their cabs because of the increasing use of it.

While using car chargers it is advisable to switch off the devices as it speeds up the charging and reduces power consumptions. Although car chargers are extremely useful, it should not be used as the primary method of charging your devices. It is an emergency devices and continuously using it will degrade the phone’s battery life and reduce its lifespan. Hence it is wise to unplug the charger when it is fully charged of near to fully charged.

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