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Spruce Up Your Car With the Latest Car Accessories from LatestOne!

Cars are a prized possession in today’s world. You want your prized possession to offer you maximum comfort, accent your style and be unique from others at the same time. Car accessories available at LatestOne help you to create a product differentiation and a proud sense of ownership. Browse through the entire catalogue to find car accessories that complement your car.

Jazzy Car Mobile Holders

A sure way to jazz up your style in your car is to use the universal expandable car mobile holder. It comes in a fiery orange color that brightens up your car space. The mobile holder is light weight and convenient to use. It is a suitable fit for all mobile phones and is easy to carry. It comes with a suction cup where you can fix the placing plate on any smooth flat surface in your car including the car windshield. It also features a 360 degree angle adjustment which is handy and amazing. It is very easy to install and remove if required. To use the holder, simply insert its flexible arm into the main unit’s reverse side and get off the protective paper from the bottom of the suction cup. Just press the bottom on the mobile holder to make it extend and place the device within the arms of the device so that it fits in well. You can then adjust the arms for your convenience.

Glossy Car Chargers

Use the universal dual USB Car Charger with car safety hammer for mobile phones, tablets and MP3/MP4 devices. It is available in a rich golden color that turns up your car style quotient in notches. The car charger includes a 2A output for your tablet and high power devices, and a 1A output for your smart phone, media devices and other USB enables devices. In case of a sudden power surge or over charge, the car charger usb has a smart IC chip and a fuse to protect your gadgets. It comes in a slim and stylish design that fits perfectly in your car’s lighter socket. With an output of 5V, it charges your gadgets rapidly while in use or while driving. The dual USB car charger also enables you to charge multiple devices in your car at the same time.

Smarten Up Your Car

Car accessories Online play an important role to keep your car looking top notch. These accessories serve as supplementary components that improve the capability of your car. They play a vital role in the entire process of your car care. Car accessories of good quality and taste adorn your car to an extent where your car would look incomplete without them. offers free shipping for car accessories. Make use of this offer to smarten up your car and enhance its look.

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