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Get The Best Music Experience With Bluetooth Speakers Available On LatestOne!

The market for Bluetooth speakers in India is rapidly growing in demand due to the increasing popularity of the speakers. For music lovers, Bluetooth speakers are a boon to enjoy wonderful music wherever they go. Since there is a wide range of Bluetooth speakers available in India, there is always a question of what to buy and from where? LatestOne provides the answers to your questions by offering the best deals on high quality Bluetooth speakers. Read through this guide to know more information about Bluetooth speakers India.

Mini Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Have you seen the Mini Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with LED lights that is available in a purple color on LatestOne? The design and color is fashionable that will suit any style you prefer. This Bluetooth speaker is compatible with Bluetooth enabled smart phones, tablets, computers, and MP3/ MP4 media players. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged on your computer via a USB interface. This mini speaker also has a universal 3.5 mm headphone audio output jack. It has FM Radio Tuner, TF card and USB flash drive functionality. It supports all types of audio formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA and so on. You can also use it as a standalone player by playing music files stored on the TF card or via USB interface. You can carry this mini Bluetooth speaker with you on your travels.

Olive Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

The Mini Olive Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is another popular product available on LatestOne. It comes in a white and red color combination that looks trendy and stylish. This Bluetooth speaker supports the monaural mode and extended headset mode. It has a 3.5 33 audio output jack that supports the A2DP. AVRCP, headset and hands free profile. You can store music files on the micro SD TF card and play it at any time. This Bluetooth speaker is compatible with any Bluetooth device such as smart phones, laptops, computers and tablets. It is compact, portable and easy to carry.

The Importance of Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers allow you to listen to music at any time you desire. You can enjoy music right in your house or while you are on a vacation. offers free shipping. Get the best deals on best Bluetooth speakers on LatestOne now.

How to connect Bluetooth speakers to Windows 8

We reside in a technology driven society. Some of the necessary devices that we use in our daily life are the Bluetooth speakers and laptops. Let’s have a look on how to connect the Bluetooth speakers with Windows 8.

Follow the simple steps:-

Before adding a Bluetooth device to your computer, remember to do two things to be sure that both are ready to connect. Connect a Bluetooth adapter to your windows 8, if it already does not have one. Make sure that your computer can find the Bluetooth connectivity.

Turn on both of your laptop and speakers Bluetooth on. Then make the connection visible. Turn on the Bluetooth speaker as it is directed in the instruction manual. Click the ‘Start’ button. Then click on ‘Devices & printers’ written on the options over the start menu.

After that select the option of adding a device from the top left angle of the window and after that follow the directions properly. Within a particular range, it will start to acquire Bluetooth enabled devices. Next, click on the name of your Bluetooth Speaker that you want to connect to your computer. Then, chose the next button. Make sure that the device is available.

How to connect Bluetooth speaker to computer

Modern and advanced technology is one of our essential parts of life. Many of us run day to day life by using technology in maximum numbers. Two of the necessary technological needs of present generation are computer and Bluetooth speakers.

Let’s see the simple steps of how to connect Bluetooth speaker to computer.

Link the AC adopter of the speaker to the wall outlet. After that turn on the speaker. In the next step enable the Bluetooth on your device. To get NFC signal, place the NFC device in between the NFC sensor area. Press any of the buttons of the top panel of the speaker to activate the buttons.

After that press the Bluetooth pairing option. Then the Bluetooth light will blink rapidly. The sound of two beeps will be heard after the speaker is paired properly. If the pairing is not successful within 2.5 minutes, then the speaker becomes idle. If this happens, then the pairing process must be repeated. Confirm that your device connects with the speaker. Enter 0000, if the system asks for a pass code during the adding process.

It is to be noted that you may also use an optional cable to make a link between the speakers to your device.

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