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Access audio files through Bluetooth speakers and enjoy the magic of clearer sound effects

Bluetooth speakers have the quality to access the audio files in a computer, rather laptop or handset. Many a times we cannot be satisfied with the quality of the sound. Right at that moment we may feel the urge of using a speaker which the modern Bluetooth Speaker can fulfill.

How do the Bluetooth speakers work

The Bluetooth speakers get access to the other devices or the Bluetooth activated handset via Bluetooth devices. Once connected or paired, the speakers can start accessing the audio files and play them accordingly. The Bluetooth speakers are also able to set connection via USB data cables. So the users can also access the speakers with desktops and laptops.

Once paired with the handsets, the Bluetooth speakers can play the music from the storage chip. The users need to stay within 10 meters of range or need to keep the handset within that range. It is because the Bluetooth devices can only cover till that much distance.

Why use the Bluetooth speakers

Most of the modern phone users store the music or audio files in the handset devices. However, throughout the day the busy working schedule they may not be able to listen to the music without interruption. The Bluetooth speakers can access and play the music without any kind of interruption. The users may make calls or do some other works with their handsets in that meantime. The Bluetooth speakers can also help to amplify sound perfectly to make a party more enjoying. Noise reduction of the Bluetooth speakers let the listeners listen to the perfect and hassle free music for a longer period.

However, the Bluetooth speakers are rechargeable devices. Therefore, the users need to charge them after they show signs of low batteries. Usually a Bluetooth speaker needs to charge for about three hours at a stretch.

Where from one may find the Bluetooth speakers

The Bluetooth speakers are available at a discounted price from Different varieties of the speakers are available on this selling portal. The online portal is also offering a short period warranty so that the users can exchange any defective item and get a suitable replacement.

How to connect Bluetooth speaker to laptop windows 7

Wandering how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your laptop windows 7 This blog post might help you to figure it out.

First you need to choose the right kind of bluetooth device which is compatible with your laptop. The steps of connecting a Bluetooth speaker to your laptop windows 7 are listed below:

First you need to switch on the Bluetooth speaker. Press and hold down the power button until the power light blinks. After turning on the Bluetooth speaker, you can see it in the Bluetooth menu of your laptop. Then you need to select the ‘Start’ option. Then you have to click on the option of ‘Devices & printers’ from the window of the start menu.

After that choose the option of ‘Add a device’ from the top left corner of the window and then follow the instructions properly. It will start to find out Bluetooth enabled devices within a specified range. Then you have to tap on the name of your Bluetooth Speaker that you want to add to your windows 7 computer. Then you have to select the ‘next’ option. You have to make sure that the device is accessible.

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