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Experience Advanced Gaming With Augmented Reality Gun

Augmented reality has become one of the biggest attractions for gamers. Augmented reality gun is Virtual Reality High-tech Toy that gives you realistic experience of gaming even in smart phone. You can enjoy real time game play with Virtual Reality High-tech Toys.

AR attack gun for smartphones has been developed for shooting games. If you enjoy playing shooting games in your smart phone then Augmented Reality Console will make it more realistic and enjoyable for you.

This console is Bluetooth Compatible and if you have Smart Cell phone and if you have installed AR Games App then there will be no problem in playing shooting games with this AR Gun. This portable gun will give you seamless experience of virtual gaming.

Compatible: AR attack gun is suitable for all smart phones including Android phones and iPhone. It comes with a smart phone holder that is adjustable so that you can make it suitable for your smart phone.

Bluetooth: It is easy to pair with your smart phone with the help of strong Bluetooth connection. It gives low power consuming and steady connectivity via Bluetooth and wireless connectivity that allows you to enjoy gaming without any limitation.

Multiple scenarios: AR games allow you to enjoy playing games in multiple different environment scenarios. Since it is portable gun, you can enjoy playing games in outdoor and indoor locations without any problem. This will make your game more realistic and entertaining.

Additional features: AR Gun will work exactly the way it should work. You can aim and shoot at the targets accurately like you do in the game. You will get the privilege of moving your gun to the 360° angle. This will allow you to get unforgettable immersive gaming experience.

These guns are Eco-Friendly because they allow gamers to move from their locations and this also encourages gaming activities even in video games. Most importantly, these guns are highly light weighted which makes them perfect for long gaming sessions.

These guns are developed with the high quality imported environmental friendly ABS material of high density that gives you a smooth surface and artistically fine workmanship as well. In short words, this is perfect for healthy and safe gaming experience.

To be more specific, it is ABS plastic 360 Augmented Reality Bluetooth Game Controller that gives you strong Bluetooth one-touch connection advantage. Additionally, it comes with the large battery that can be used for six days in continuous play and it will give you 60 days stand by time as well.

Basically, you can say that this is a perfect console for gamers. If you love playing video games, then here is a perfect chance for you to improve your gaming experience. 360 Augmented Reality Bluetooth Game Controller will make your games more exciting and interesting.

There is no need for you to think twice about it. If you have not tried augmented reality gaming yet then this is time for you to give it a try. You should buy augmented reality console and try playing augmented reality games with it. Undoubtedly, it will be an unforgettable gaming experience.

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