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Audio Video Cables Converter

The definition of entertainment has changed over years and that has further changed the means of entertainment as a whole. The entertainment is no more limited to simple videos and audios but the special effect and high resolution has become important as well. The never ending demand of the great quality music and real like picture has further given rise to the hi-tech devices all over. The continuous innovations are taking place in the field of entertainment and that can be very well witnessed from the top quality devices . The latest devices may be good for enjoying your favourite video or music CD but if your output unit is not compatible with these new technology devices then you may find it difficult to enjoy them fully. The audio video cables converters can be used in this case to enjoy the latest devices in conjunction with any of your existing devices.

Different types of audio and video converters

RCA cables

The RCA cables were earlier used to connect the audio and video devices to the display units. These cables come with 3 different colour connectors to be used for the colour coding. The RCA cables may have the same coloured connecting plugs on the display unit as well. These cables are being used from long time now and offer unique audio and video quality. The Red colour connector in this cable indicates Right Channel while the white colour indicates stereo audio or Left Channel and yellow indicates the composite video. The Audio Video Cables Converter,RCA cable has been popular over years now and is compatible with most of the devices.

HDMI cables

The HDMI cables have reduced the number of connectors as it transfers both audio as well as video signal through single cable. The HDMI/DVI cable is generally used when you want to display the files from your computer on your television. It has made big difference to the audio and video devices as you don’t have to handle the big mess of wires for enjoying your favourite movie or music. The longer distances may reduce the signal quality and you may not get the desired results. Hence, avoid using this cable for longer distances as it will reduce the efficiency of the devices by reducing the picture quality as well. You may not use it for the distances higher than 49 ft for consistent performance.

DVI cables

The DVI cables are used to connect the monitors with DVI ports to the media device. The VGA ports are now replaced with DVI ports and can be connected with DVI cables. These cables can be used to connect the LCD monitors to the video card. The DVI to VGA converters can also be used to connect the old VGA port monitors to the video card.

The top quality audio video cables converter may be used to get the top quality picture and sound. If you not get the desired quality then you may look for a better cable. The good quality cable can also be found online at affordable price.

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